If you’ve been following our recent blog posts you should have been able to create your resume, understand the application process, and know when it’s appropriate to start applying for jobs.  Now it’s time to find out why understanding what to look for in the job description is such an important part of the application process.
Here is a 10 second tip for reviewing a job description that will help save you from wasting your time filling out numerous applications.  Skip over the Responsibilities section and go right to the Requirements section.  It will usually be towards the bottom of the job description and look similar to the following:
Bachelors in Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, or related science field
3 – 5 years of industry experience
Experience with HPLC, GC and UV-Vis
Knowledge of GMP and GDP required
Excellent oral and written communication skills
You have the requirement for the Bachelor’s degree already covered.  Moving onto the next line you see that they want someone with 3 – 5 years of industry experience.  Do you have the necessary industry experience?  If not, you have no reason to apply for this position.  Don’t spend anymore of your time looking through this job description.  If you follow this simple tip you will save yourself a lot of frustration because you won’t be wasting countless hours filling out applications for positions you will never get.     
Always go to the Requirement section first and see if you are qualified by looking at what degree is necessary and then the number of years of experience required.  If you can’t meet the minimum requirements, then don’t apply!  Instead, find postings for entry-level positions that require 0 – 2 years of experience or ones that specifically ask for a recent college graduate.
Please come back for the follow-up article on September 11th where you will learn about the following:
Ø  Your competition
Ø  Number of jobs you will likely have to apply for
Ø  The reasons you won’t hear back after you’ve applied
Ø  How to avoid filling out applications
Ø  Why you don’t want to be seen as a “Hyper-Applier” 

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