Now that you are going in for an interview there is something you need to think about.  Sure, you need to practice answering questions they could ask you, but just as importantly, you need to think about the questions you could ask them.   
For some of you, if it is your first time interviewing, you may not realize that you could ask questions.  Asking questions not only gives you more insight into the company and the position, it also gives you a chance to have some control of the interview.
Interviewing isn’t a one-way street where the interviewer is the only one asking questions.  You have, not only the right, but also the responsibility to ask questions as well.  How will you know if an opportunity is right for you if you leave without getting your questions answered?  You are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you.  Don’t forget that!
Most hiring managers are given a list of questions from someone in human resources and they just go down that list one-by-one.  They are supposed to get through all of the questions and take notes on what you said.  A lot of the people conducting the interviews may be just as uncomfortable in there as you are.  Therefore, if you could turn the interview into more of a conversation, instead of an interrogation, it could benefit both of you.   
Most people who do well in interviews ask plenty of questions.  They don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking them though.  They ask questions to determine if the company is one they want to work for and if the position is a good fit for them.  When you ask questions, it not only shows that you are engaged in the interview, it shows that you came prepared. 
Below is a list to help get you thinking of the types of questions you could ask.
Ø  Why is this position open?
Ø  Who has been successful in this role in the past?  Why were they successful?
Ø  Who has been unsuccessful in this role in the past?  Why were they unsuccessful?
Ø  What would I be doing on a daily basis?
Ø  What is the culture of the company?
Ø  How much turnover have you had in this position?  Why is it happening?
Ø  What type of training will I receive?
Ø  What makes this a good company to work for?  Why do you like working here?
Ø  What is your leadership style?
Ø  As a member of your team, what will you do to help with my development?

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