Virtually everyone is on social media. When used correctly, social media can be a great tool to broaden your network, or even find a great job. But is your social media hurting your chances at landing your dream job? Here are five things you can do today to make sure your social presence is attracting the right kind of attention.

Use a Professional Profile Picture

It might seem superficial, but your social profile picture matters to recruiters and hiring managers. If your picture presents you in a less-than-positive light, it’s time for an update. Your LinkedIn profile picture in particular should be a nice, professional-looking headshot that is recent and a good representation of who you are on the job. Imagine that profile picture as your first impression with prospective employers. Make sure you can see your eyes and smile, and look ready for an interview. On Facebook, you can use a more casual picture of you with friends or family, but remember to keep things as professional as possible and you’ll send the right message.

Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Your social media profiles are a good look at where you are now as a job seeker. If your profile is old or outdated, that information can confuse hiring managers. LinkedIn in particular is structured similarly to your resume in how it presents your work history and achievements. Make sure your recent projects and roles are added as they occur and keep your profile as up to date as you would your resume.

Highlight Your Achievements

One of the advantages of LinkedIn when compared to your resume is your profile is not restricted to one or two pages. This leaves more space to feature your education and extracurricular achievements. This is especially true if you are a recent graduate. Take time to list your courses, your interests, your volunteer projects and societies you are a member of. Show off your achievements by linking out to your digital portfolio, or highlighting unique skills and recommendations.

Tailor Your Summary Section

The summary section of your LinkedIn profile is a great opportunity to highlight your five or six biggest achievements. Think of it as comparable to an abbreviated cover letter, explaining your career goals, your most important accomplishments, and your biggest successes. Keep things concise and to the point, in bullet points if possible, and feel free to include links to online portfolios, videos or other content as appropriate.

Share Relevant Content

Updating your profile status to share industry-relevant content, blogs, videos and other interesting information can help show viewers (such as recruiters and employers) you are knowledgeable and focused on the growth of your industry. This helps to establish yourself as an expert in your field and shows your commitment to your work as well.

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