In times of high stress and increased workload, burnout is a very real risk for employees. As a manager, you need to be on top of staff morale and know when to scale back to retain your best workers and ensure they are producing their best effort on the job. There are several signs that employees are on the verge of burnout, so if you are observant and careful in your management style, you can identify problem areas and implement a solution before the damage is done. You can’t afford to miss these key warning signs of overwhelming stress and frustration on behalf of your employees.


Sign # 1 Avoidance of Management or Co-Workers

Whether they keep putting off crucial conversations or just don’t seem to be around to join in, it’s possible your more reclusive staff members are suffering from an overabundance of stress. While they might be avoiding you, you should definitely take action and seek them out to see how you can help resolve the situation. Are they overly burdened by workload? Suffering from boredom or disillusionment on the job? Are they struggling with some personal issues that would benefit from some time off to resolve? Any of these concerns are something you can help them address. But not if you don’t reach out to start that conversation.


Sign # 2 Lost Concentration

If your team members seem unable to stay focused on the task at hand, chances are they are very close to burnout. Motivation is a big part of what generates interest and concentration on performing well in a project. If that concentration and motivation aren’t there, it’s worth exploring why. Are they feeling underappreciated? Do they worry they aren’t able to make an impact every day? Futility of effort can result in serious burnout, so make sure your team knows how valuable they are to the company and they matter every day they show up for work.


Sign #3 Lack of Authenticity

Everyone puts on a mask at work from time to time, but if you find that having authentic conversations with employees is becoming more and more difficult, your team likely is putting on a show for your benefit. If it seems they are engaging in a routine for routine’s sake, they are lacking in the engagement that makes them most successful in their role. It might be time to connect with them honestly and openly and provide them with the opportunity to get serious about what it is they wish they were doing, and how you can help them align their personal goals with those of the company.


Sign #4 Increased Sick Leave

Have you noticed certain team members taking more time off than normal? Do they seem to catch a cold or the flu more often than other employees? It could be they are not physically sick, but just sick of their current role. Again, the best way to address this is to connect with them directly. Ask whether a different assignment or a change of pace would help them feel better on the job, and explore some ways you can both leave the conversation satisfied.

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