Just as it’s important for candidates to have a strong online presence, employers too must pay attention to their digital brand to make sure they are bringing the best of the best. To help attract top talent, it’s important to build an online presence across all social media platforms to appeal to your target audience, in this case job seekers. In addition to establishing an online presence, you must also keep it current and attractive to job seekers.

Here are three things you can do today to improve your talent pipeline.

  1. Get Social

Even if you are working with a staffing agency to identify and recruit industry-leading talent, your social media presence is still critical to your staffing success. To build your presence on social media, start by making sure you are in control of the conversation. Create well-branded profiles with thoughtful and representative content to attract and retain the attention of your audience. Make sure you engage with your fans, respond in a timely fashion and act as though your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are an extension of your own webpage.

  1. Start Blogging

Building a strong online reputation depends heavily on the ability to provide valuable content to your audience that establishes you and your company as thought leaders and experts within your market niche. Find a topic or angle you know will be of interest, start a conversation or answer a question. Avoid using your blog as a platform to sell or push a product or service; rather, think of your blog as a conversation you are having with your audience, many who may be interested in joining your company now or in the future. By maintaining a high-quality blog, your website will appear higher in search rankings and your online reputation will be cemented in great content.

  1. Establish a Presence on Job Boards

Job boards are an easy opportunity to boost your search engine optimization. By posting job descriptions to a variety of job boards, you allow search engines to find your jobs quicker, and deliver them straight to the candidates looking to make an impact. Getting in front of potential candidates is what will cement your company’s reputation as a growing and well-positioned employer. Increase your company’s presence and make open positions more visible by posting to job boards and driving traffic to your website and application forms. Even if you don’t get the right candidates applying at first, go back to your listings and see how you could improve the language to attract the right talent. The beauty of online content is that it’s quick and easy to update and there is always room for improvement.

If you could use a hand in building an online reputation that attracts top talent to apply to your job listings, our team of digital recruiting experts are available to get you from good to great. Contact us today.