You just got out of a job interview and to the best of your knowledge, you nailed it! However, a few weeks have passed and you haven’t heard back. Don’t get stressed, follow up! Here are a few ways to properly follow up with an interviewer that can actually help you get the job.

Thank Your Interviewer for Their Time

Did you know the best follow-up starts the day of the interview? A brief emailed thank-you note – written and sent right after the interview is completed – is a nice way to remind interviewers of their conversation with you, without appearing pushy or nagging. An effective thank-you note can be quite simple. Thank the interviewer for taking the time to speak with you, and tell them how you enjoyed meeting them. Think of this follow-up activity as a way to exemplify your professionalism, personality, and courteous nature. Avoid reminding them to contact you regarding the results of the interview, and consider ending the note with a simple “I hope to hear from you soon.”

Work Closely With Your Recruiter

If you are working through a job placement firm, you have a significant resource at your disposal in the follow-up process. After sending a simple thank-you email, your best bet is to work with your recruiter to check in on progress. Think of your recruiter as your job counselor and your best advocate in the interview process. If you would like any feedback on your performance on an interview, they are a great resource to glean valuable information from. They can often tell you how the interviewer perceived your presentation and give you tips on how to prepare for future interviews.

One of the great things about working through a placement firm is you are unlikely to annoy a prospective employer because you are working directly through your recruiter. In fact, to branch outside of the process and contact the company directly sends a bad message, and you will come across as more desperate than you would like to present yourself. Stick with your recruiter and trust in their ability to interact with employers on your behalf.

Check in On Progress as Needed, but Not Too Often

Work closely with your recruiter when checking in on the progress of your application. After you have completed the interview and all parties have had some time to think over the conversation and the impression that was made, consider reaching out to your job counselor or recruiter for updates on the status of the job or advice on how to proceed. If, after the interview, you think of something relevant you would like to share with the employer, pass it through your recruiter so they are also able to stay up to date on progress.

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