The Biotech industry is an incredible space. The amazing innovations coming out of this field are things that will change what it means to be a healthy human in the years to come. If you are interested in being part of the workforce that is revolutionizing the health industry, there are certain skills necessary. And they might not be what you think.

Beyond the degrees or talent in scientific inquiry, there are three crucial skills biotechnologists need to succeed in this space. Those skills are flexibility, great communication and team work. Surprised? Read on to find out why these skills matter so much.

  1. Flexibility

Biotech is a dynamic, ever-changing industry, which means the more adaptable you are, the better chance you have of succeeding. Your ability to roll with the punches can make you much more appealing to hiring managers, because it’s true you never really know how things will turn out in biotech. Your cover letter is a great place to reflect on a time you had to change directions in the middle of a project or incorporate new information into an existing initiative. Because that type of flexibility will likely be important to bring to the table early on in your career in biotech.

  1. Communication

Employers want to see that you can communicate information concisely, accurately and quickly. When you think about it, even the most technical role requires you to send emails, write reports and talk to colleagues and supervisors in a professional and impactful way.

Obviously, as a candidate you will be evaluated on your communication skills by your resume, cover letter and interview even before you are considered for a job. So make sure you are thoughtful in how you communicate with hiring managers, recruiters, other employees and staff to demonstrate your mastery of language as a communication tool. Make sure each position listed on your resume has one or more communication-related bullets to really show how much you bring to the table.

  1. Teamwork

Biotech jobs often require you to work on teams. People are always capable of achieving more in groups than they can on their own. That’s why you definitely want to highlight how good you are at collaborating with others. In your interview, focus on how you helped the team achieve more through your teamwork skills. Describe a memorable work experience where you led or supported others as you achieved something together.

Teamwork can be challenging to many professionals. Working with people who are different from you or who have differences of opinion or personality can be a challenge. But it’s that challenge that will help you grow as a professional in the biotech industry. Share those challenges, and describe how you overcame them. Employers are looking to see how you will make a difference for them in the future.

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