In Part 1, we talked about how the number of jobs open is higher than the number of candidates actively looking for jobs. We talked about how candidates have pay and location on their mind, and they have more choice than they have ever had before. We shared that candidates are receiving 20 calls from recruiters a day and are seeing increases of $5 to $10/hour. Here are some more facts about the 2019 candidate market:

  1. When we post a position, we receive a low number of qualified candidates compared to the past. Many of the candidates are out of state and willing to move without paid relocation. We have relocated more candidates this year than in previous years. Companies that consider this option have been pleased with the results.
  2. Candidates who feel they are paid fairly for their role stay on contract longer than those who don’t. Our clients who have increased pay are seeing better retention rates.
  3. For jobs that are on the outskirts of the metro area, candidates are willing to take those roles, but they want more pay and flexibility to do so. Companies are having to pay more to attract and retain those candidates.
  4. We are finding candidates for roles, but it is taking many more reach-outs to candidates to find one. We used to be able to reach out to 5 people and find one to fit a position we had open. Currently, it is 20+ reach-outs to candidates per position. Recently, one of our recruiters had to reach out to 50 people to submit 1 to a client. Our persistence and tenacity on roles pay off for our clients, but time to fill has gone up accordingly.
  5. Most individuals are currently working, so they are looking for more pay, better location, better opportunity for growth, or a better company culture. If our role doesn’t offer that, they are not interested.

As you can see, the tides of recruiting have changed. We are working with new challenges and opportunities, and we are finding success as we work with our clients to address these changes. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you find qualified and talented scientific and engineering professionals within the current talent market, please contact us at 612-843-1821 or by email at