Employers looking for skilled laborers have been aware for many years how skilled laborers hold all the power.

These days, employers are having to sell themselves and cater to the needs and preferences of their candidates who likely have multiple job offers on the table.

The following are some helpful tips for companies who need to stand out from their competitors to attract the best available skilled labor in the industry.

Putting More Money on the Table

The Harvard Business Review puts it bluntly: paying skilled workers more will create more skilled workers on the job market.

When you offer competitive salaries right out the gate, the best candidates will jump at the opportunity to work with your company. This is why employers shouldn’t lowball on salary offers with the expectation of negotiations. Start with a strong first offer, something that will pique a candidate’s interest.

When you put the money on the table, your competitors will likely do the same. In theory, this would increase all median salaries. When more businesses offer competitive wages, it can make the whole industry more desirable and attract more skilled labor to your industry.

How to Be Competitive With Salary

You should ensure you’re competitive on pay, but every company has its financial and budgetary limits. Plastics Today explains your need to find the benchmark – or sweet spot – with salary and benefits.

Here’s a list of what that entails:

– Assess how your pay scales, paid time off, benefits, and other perks stack up against your competitors.
– Brainstorm innovative ways to structure paid time off (e.g., using volunteer days, floating holidays, sabbaticals, parental leave).
– Offer your employees flexible work schedules and promote this in your recruitment campaigns.

It’s then worth pointing out that the previously cited article cites these six different ways to attract employees beyond pay:

– Practice openness and engagement
– Focus on wellness and safety
– Offer opportunities for growth and development
– Design training programs
– Form partnerships with colleges, universities, and high schools
– Hone your employer brand and cultivate your company culture

Aligning With a Recruitment Expert

All the suggestions in this blog will make you successful in your skilled candidate search with one caveat: you need to execute correctly. Given all the elements involved in attracting and recruiting key talent, that’s much easier said than done.

Partnering with a skilled trade recruiting expert like Verum Technical means you have an expert on your side who can masterfully navigate these murky waters.

Namely, we can guide you through the fluctuating median wage in the industry. You’ll then get the best ROI on employee pay, ensuring you aren’t underpaying or overpaying for talent.

We understand the other nuances that sweeten the deal for top candidates and will help build a recruitment strategy.

So, if you want the top available candidates in science and engineering, contact Verum Tech today