Let us ask you a question. If you had to guess, where would you say is the nation’s top science hub? Where would you guess, between California and New York and everywhere in between?

The truth could be unexpected for some – the Twin Cities, Minneapolis Saint Paul. The Greater MSP area hosts over 750 health and life sciences companies and has the highest concentration of medical device jobs in the country.

That Minneapolis and Saint Paul is rapidly becoming the nation’s top hub for the sciences is great news for local businesses in related sectors. But as the current shortages in engineering and skilled labor are only increasing, employers need to act fast to secure the best talent before they’re spoken for.

Here’s how:

The Twin Cities: The Nation’s Science Hub

Known informally as Medical Alley, MSP is the center of one of the fastest-growing science hubs in the world. Many of the largest medical, medical device, medical insurance, and life sciences companies call the Twin Cities home. Just some of the hundreds of companies based here are:

  • UnitedHealth Care, the largest private medical insurer.
  • Optum Health, the largest digital health company.
  • Medtronic, the largest medical device company.
  • 16 Fortune 500 companies.
  • And many more!

Why do so many companies call this region home?

It’s a unique combination of factors. First and foremost, MSP has some of the lowest operating costs in the nation, particularly for medical and health companies. There are 36 different universities and colleges in the area, training innovative and skilled new graduates to enter the workforce. This includes the University of Minnesota, which is one of the top public research universities in the nation. Over 80% of college grads from U of M stay in the region after graduation, eliminating the common “brain-drain” effect that occurs in other regions.

It’s also an excellent place for networking. Companies large and small can find local partnerships that expand their access to the nation and the world much more readily than many other locations across the country. 

Additionally, as we wrote in a previous blog, many engineering jobs in the area have favorably weathered the pandemic as well.

Finding the Right Job Seekers for The Sciences

Another reason the Twin Cities is such a hub for the life sciences and medical industry: the people. Minnesota is renowned for its pipeline of graduates, new hires, and leadership in the medical space who are passionate, invested, and highly educated. MSP has a nationwide reputation as one of the best places to be for careers in the life science and medical sectors.

So why are so many businesses in the area struggling to hire the people they need?

Knowledgeable, skilled, and innovative leaders exist throughout the region, but with so many companies competing for the top talent, it can be difficult for your business to find the people you need.

Local employers in the sciences need someone who knows the industry inside and out. They need a staffing agency that knows what a specialist is, what they can do, and how to source and hire the best talent in the field – a recruiting agency that specializes in medical science, health, and research.

Minnesota Turns to Verum Technical For Staffing Solutions in the Sciences

Whether you need engineers, lab techs, skilled laborers, regulatory affairs officers, or other specialists in Minnesota’s science sector, look no further than Verum.

We know how to match your open roles with the qualified and motivated candidates you need to succeed in this competitive region. We can find and hire your next best employees. Contact us today to staff your company with the people you need to thrive.