Possibly the most in-demand talent in Biotech are PhDs. Not only do they have a lot to offer in terms of expertise, training, and education, but the market for available Doctorate talent is incredibly scarce.  

Today, the best Doctorate-level talent in Biotech are seeking pathways to advance their career beyond just pay and benefits. When looking for their next career move, the vast majority are looking for a company with an outstanding culture. 

When you need to attract the top Doctorate talent in Biotech, the secret is not so much in where to find them, but how to attract them with unmatched company culture.

Why Company Culture is so Important for Biotech Doctorates

Company culture is much more than scoring good employer reviews. Good company culture means creating a genuinely great place to work, one that is welcoming and inclusive, has all the perks of modern offices, and the flexibility that is essential to today’s Biotech candidates. 

Today’s top Biotech PhDs know they are in top demand, they are looking for the opportunity to join a workforce of Biotech experts who enjoy their job and their coworkers, who share similar goals.

Elements for Creating the Best Work Culture in the Biotech Industry

When looking to create the best work culture for your present and future talent, it helps to look to those models that have worked in the recent past. 

Many employers, from academia and the private sector, have been increasingly touting the benefits of a “startup” culture in the Biotech industry known for including an egalitarian environment and an expansive array of perks. This is perhaps due to many progressive employers based in Silicon Valley or Washington D.C., both hubs for startups and one of the top destinations for job seekers. Here’s how to make it work for your company: 

1. Remove the Glass Ceiling 

PhDs are used to working at the top of their field and often advance through a promotion-based career track. That can’t happen in the old model where the vast majority of employees are 10-15 years out of school and stuck at their level for the rest of their careers. The best talent wants to advance and work with those at the top, and many companies have realized that this is impossible with barriers to advancement in place. 

2. Give Diversity a Chance 

Organizations that create opportunities and avenues for growth for underrepresented Biotech talent will look and act more differently than a majority of Biotech organizations. While Biotech has made strides to create more diversity, many have yet to overcome barriers to diversity at higher levels. Today’s Biotech PhDs are looking to align themselves with organizations who are not just saying they want to create more diversity, but who’ve demonstrated a commitment to creating a more diverse workforce – who have the workforce to prove it. 

3. Build a Better Work Experience for your Employees 

What makes a better work experience? For many, it means being supported by their employer to pursue freedom and activities that make them happy. For example, many biotechnology companies are making it easy for their employees to get involved in volunteering their time. Other organizations are supporting their workforce to be more productive and engaged by providing work-from-home options. More Biotech PhDs are choosing to work for companies that truly care about their employees, ones that consider their human capital and not just a bottom line.

4. Add Perks like Flexible Work Hours. 

A big part of attracting the best talent in Biotech is to offer better benefits, especially flexible work hours. Even one full day a week spent working from home can be a big perk. Studies have shown providing more flexible work hours helps workers accomplish tasks outside of work, and create a better work/life balance in the long run. And as recent trends indicate, you could even see employees taking fewer sick days and lead better relationships with other coworkers.

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