Having what appears to be two great candidates and only one job to fill is a pretty good problem to have. It can be more of a challenge than you might think. Now’s the time to ask yourself some difficult questions that will give you more insight into each candidate’s skill set and ability to fit in with your company’s culture. Start here and you’ll soon find out which candidate is the right fit for your team.

Ask what it will take to hire the candidate

When considering two equal candidates for a position, take a minute to think through what it will take to actually bring them on board. Do they require relocation? Is one more experienced than the other and, therefore, likely to have higher compensation requirements? Are you able to fulfill those demands? Would it make more sense in the long term to bring the other on and invest in training? Are they likely to stick around for long enough to make it worth the investment? These are questions that will help you decide which will serve you better in the long run.

Imagine where they’ll be in five years

Similar to considering the candidates requirements, think hard about your requirements. What will you need from this employee in the future? Are they set up for success in that expectation? Do you even know what that expectation will be at this point in your planning? It’s a tough decision when all other things seem equal, but long-term goals (both yours and theirs) can make a real difference in their success on the job.

Take the happy-hour challenge

A more common measurement of good fit for a company is evaluating whether or not you (or your team members) would enjoy going out with the candidate for a happy hour. Cultural fit is a challenge to evaluate in an interview setting, but generally people can get a feeling for whether they enjoy spending time with someone even after just a few minutes of conversation. Be cautious of this method however, because it’s easy for unconscious bias to influence hiring decisions if you rely too heavily on whether you want to spend time with someone socially, and that can quickly lead to overly homogenous teams which lack the diversity of thought and backgrounds that make a team really effective.

Think about what makes them unique

Do they provide different perspectives or any soft skills that can add a new depth to your team? When thinking through how new team members can benefit your company, think through not just the role, but the individual who will be engaged within that role, the skills they bring, their personality and their insights that can work to round out your team and make you all more impactful in the long run.

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