The Visionary Leading Our Workplace Staffing Strategy

Meet Our Leaders: Conflux

Our leaders, Conflux are transforming the IT staffing industry.

Conflux was founded in 2007 as a specialty business intelligence consulting firm with a unique model for staff augmentation services. The company started modestly with a tight crew of specialists in IBM Cognos & MSBI practices. But they quickly grew their scope. Today, Conflux can provide top talent from a strong bench of over 100 IT specialists with technical fluency in over 20 of the foremost technologies and software programs that are crucial to running your business.

With Conflux’s unique staffing model, our talent is always on contract, they’re paid whether they’re on placement or not. That’s why, when you reach out to us, we can rapidly deploy our top talent at a moment’s notice – even to remote locations. And with Conflux’s talent profiles, you get a first-hand look at the talent that can help your organization so you can get the best fit for your company.

The scarcity of IT professionals in today’s market couldn’t come at a worse time. More than ever, your company relies on your technological systems to complete its crucial daily business tasks. If you don’t have the best talent in the industry, you’ll be at an incredible disadvantage. We can help. We make finding the talent you need simple and easy. We can address your needs faster than anyone in the business. Contact Verum Technical (A Conflux Systems Company). Find out how our team can bring the best in IT to your company.