An IT department that’s understaffed can be a crucial weakness for your business. Not only can an understaffed and overworked IT team open your business to security risks, but your ability to grow and be profitable can become an impossibility.

Verum Technical has partnered with Conflux because we wanted to work with the industry’s best. And with the right IT personnel, we can help your business realize it’s full potential. We’ve witnessed, first hand, the incredible growth that can come from an IT team that’s fully staffed with the best, most capable talent in the market. The possibilities are limitless. No matter where your business is located, our IT Staffing services can rapidly deploy the talent you need who can get your company up and running again to full capacity.

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Why Partner With Us?

Thanks to Conflux’s innovative staffing model for IT professionals, you have rapid access to our exclusive roster of over 100 IT experts, all fluent in the leading 20 business tech and software systems. But our IT staffing services are so much more than just providing key talent at a moment’s notice. We can help you transform your business in several other ways. Here’s how.



Our IT experts are proficient at locking down your business’s network and IT systems, but they can also deliver the most effective IT strategies and implement innovative business solutions.


Our IT experts become your business advocate, working on an expert level to develop your strategic IT plans, programs, and solutions that support and drive your business objectives.


A fully staffed IT department doesn’t just help your IT department, but can alleviate the workload across all departments and make all your business processes more efficient and savvy.


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Evolve Your Business With Our IT Staffing Services

Unlike other IT staffing firms, Verum Technical and Conflux do the extra work to learn everything there is about your company. That’s how we’ve earned the trust and business from all our IT clients, by taking the time to know what makes your business tick and the opportunities to make it grow with a strategic IT placement. When we provide our shortlist of IT talent, you can rest easy knowing our candidates will be an ideal fit for your business. Partner with Verum Technical. With our partners, Conflux, we are the leading information technology staffing firm that can deliver rapid, innovative solutions. Our IT staff can make a difference for your business. Together, we can transform your business from the inside out.




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