There aren’t many other fields where the term “candidate-driven market” applies more than skilled labor. The nationwide shortage of skilled labor talent has created a hiring landscape where candidates hold the power, have multiple job offers at a time, and are quick to leave for higher pay. At Verum Technical, we help our clients overcome these pain points time and time again and hire the exact skilled labor talent they need to complete their projects on time.

When you partner with us, we share our market insight with you to ensure what you’re offering candidates is competitive enough to keep them once you hire them. Our team of skilled labor recruiters maintains a vast network of proven talent and specializes in pinpointing unique skill sets and experience so you can make your hires with confidence regardless of how particular your needs may be.

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When you need to hire skilled labor talent, whether it’s for a temporary opening or a full-time addition to your team, we’re here to help you make the right hire fast.



Industry-leading skilled labor recruiters. We have the experience and networks required to identify the skills and experience that make a difference.


We partner closely with you, share the latest market insight, and sell your unique brand to candidates to help you attract leading engineering talent.


We’re experts at tracking down the hard-to-find talent with the right technical skills. But we’re even better at finding the people who align best with your culture and are committed to the long haul.


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We Owe You Great Results

We know you can’t afford to miss on your next engineering hire. At Verum Technical, we commit ourselves to our proven processes with each and every search to eliminate the possibility all together—your success is our success. When we partner, we leave no stone unturned every step of the way, from our comprehensive needs analysis all the way to the offer and placement stage. We believe each client deserves to trust in the hires they make. That’s what we’re here to do.




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