Just like our country depends on your company to keep the economy running, you depend on superior logistics talent to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. And because of the incredibly complex nature of your work, the last thing you need is the distraction and time-consuming hassle of sourcing and hiring the talent you need.

We know how finding that “perfect match” can feel almost impossible on your own. That’s where Verum Technical can help. We can source and hire the in-demand, hard-to-find logistics talent your business needs to thrive. You can depend on our demonstrable track record of providing unique solutions that work. It’s a sourcing and hiring strategy that has made Verum Technical an indispensable partner for countless logistics teams across the country. We can help you identify the unique skill sets and experience you need to make great hires that last.

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Why Partner With Us?

Even if you had the time to search for logistics candidates on your own, you need an industry expert with a unique knack for identifying key skills and essential traits in candidates. Our logistics staffing agents are experts at connecting great people with great companies. But we can do so much more. Here are just a few more reasons you should partner with Verum Technical.



Because our recruiters have experience in logistics, we know the specific difficulties you face. We’ve built our network of candidates accordingly, to solve your unique day-to-day challenges.


We are your advocates in the job market. Because we partner closely with you, we can sell your logistics brand to candidates, which can help to attract leading talent to your company.


Our leadership team, Conflux, adds a second layer of expertise to the Verum Technical team. Thanks to Conflux, you have even more opportunities to find the key logistics candidates you need.


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We Can Deliver Great Results

We know how fast logistics businesses operate. You can’t afford to take your eye off the ball. Not even to source and hire the talent you need. With Verum Technical, you benefit from our years of demonstrable experience, and our proven processes for sourcing great talent, and recruiting them with a one-in-a-million match. We are committed to leaving no stone unturned to find “the one.” We provide clarity every step of the way, from our comprehensive needs analysis for your business, to the offer and placement stage. It’s in our name – “Verum,” that we bring truth to recruiting. So you can trust every hire can bring your company lasting success for the long term.




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