These days, the everyday operations for most businesses rely heavily on their IT department. Businesses who have a broken process or dysfunctional IT department know how it can stop their business in its tracks.

That’s why, at Verum Technical, we’re partnered with Conflux Systems to provide your business with the finest IT Consulting service in the industry. With our IT Consulting service, we can identify the problems and opportunities in your company, wherever they may be. We can optimize or eliminate the problem entirely, so your company can get up and running again to full capacity.

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Why Partner With Us?

In a world that’s full of IT advice, you need IT expertise. Our cutting-edge team of IT Consultants can do so much more than just identify problems and eliminate them. Combined with our software development capabilities – both locally and with our offshore team of expert software developers – we help you build your IT clout. What formerly was dragging your business down, will now propel your business forward to new heights of growth and profitability. Here’s how.



Years of experience in IT with a highly trained team of IT experts means we can deliver the most effective IT strategies and implement innovative business solutions.


We partner closely with you to develop the strategic IT plans, programs, and solutions that support and drive your business objectives.


As industry-leading IT experts we are able to provide consulting for all of your technology practice areas, from cybersecurity, to infrastructure management, to strategic IT planning.


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IT Consulting That Delivers Results

Unlike many other IT consulting firms, Verum Technical and Conflux Systems work hard to know everything there is about your company. We do the extra back-work to know what makes you tick and what can make your business grow. So when we provide strategic guidance for anything from risk management to cloud strategy, and even your IT budget planning to disaster recovery, you can rest easy knowing those solutions are the perfect fit for your business. Partner with the leading information technology consulting firm who can deliver concrete results with a variety of business technology strategies. We are here to make a difference, and transform your business from the inside out.




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