The biotechnology industry is one that has gained significant prominence in the past few years, and is a field that is set to remain on the front burner for a few years to come. With significant improvements in biotechnology changing the world in important ways, the field as a whole is an exciting and engaging space to watch.

Training to become a biotechnologist is rigorous, and it is not a journey that ends in the laboratory or the classroom. Staying on top of a fast-moving market can be challenging, even for experienced professionals. But a great way to stay current on industry trends is by listening to podcasts. The advantage of this is you take in the latest information that will benefit your career, without restricting yourself to traditional education programs. Podcasts are increasingly offered daily, weekly and monthly provide listeners with the latest information.

To those unfamiliar with the podcast phenomenon, these free, online audio shows are an engaging way to learn about the latest news and trends in biotechnology, as well as the business side of the field. Guests include industry thought leaders and CEOs who help communicate up -to-the-minute information in a fun and engaging way.

Here are several biotechnology podcasts worth downloading.

First Rounders

First Rounders is a podcast aimed at biotechnologists hosted on the website On this program, host Jeffery Marc Leiden, Chairman and President of Vertex Pharmaceuticals sits down and discusses the reality of biotechnology today with some very interesting guests. The podcast is a series of conversations with business founders, financers and developers from biotech’s past, present and future, with discussions covering everything from Jeffery’s mantra for management and what has kept him at the top. This particular podcast reminds listeners that even business leaders in biotech are ordinary people too, and provides unique insights into the journey to the top.

Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad

These podcasts are aimed at biotechnologists, but that doesn’t mean they’re dry or boring. In fact, they are very conversational and fun to listen to. The weekly series Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad is an especially engaging exploration of everything from genetically modified organisms, current trends in biotech and where the industry is headed in the near (and not so near) future. The podcasts host, Anna Kavanaugh has enthusiasm for the subject and is interesting to listen to as she discusses protection policies, food standards and digitized DNA.


Veteran Speaker Daniel Levine puts his spin on the industry in his podcast, the Bio-Report. This podcast explores the intersection between the business end of biotechnology and the science itself. Interesting discussions about how government policies can offset the fragile balance between science and business, the challenges of VC funding and investment abound. It is truly a podcast worth tuning in to.

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