When you look at how Verum Technical has helped employers succeed, it is clear how important a strong and reliable partner in staffing can make a huge difference in both project and long-term success for companies. Take the example of a recent success story with a unique medical device company. The way they evaluated and addressed a very specialized problem is a perfect example of the value a specialized expert can bring to your own situation.

Engaging With a New Client

When Verum Technical was brought in to help this medical device company, they were dealing with a need for a smooth-running team of technicians, both permanent staff and contractors based on the needs and nature of their business. As a leading provider of surface modification coating technologies and in-vitro diagnostic products, the business required a flexible, yet highly skilled and well-trained professionals. Verum Technical’ s ability to provide access to the right people at the right time was what made them a perfect fit for this new client.

Identifying and Understanding the Problem

The challenge of this project was balancing quality with flexibility of the candidates received for contract technician positions. It can be very difficult for companies that don’t have the established talent pipelines that make a staffing firm successful. The medical device company at the heart of this case study was actively struggling with finding interviewees with the right experience for the team. It was taking too long to find good candidates, and the work was suffering. In addition to that, a struggling and disjointed team was unable to come together and unite as one strong and cohesive unit. Inflexibility with schedules and high group turnover was dragging the team down. This is a surprisingly common problem that many companies experience when trying to build a strong and flexible team. That’s where staffing partners provide so much value to companies.

Problem Solving in Action

Verum Technical was hired to work with the client through a detailed needs assessment, meeting with the appropriate parties and touring the production facilities before building a comprehensive solution. Having a clear understanding of the needs and issues at hand allowed our team to truly understand what a solution would look like. The team applied a tried-and-true process to locate and evaluate candidates that would be a better fit for the team. Over the course of a year, they successfully placed seven individuals within the team with zero turnover.

The success of this project was due in large part to the process built out of years of successful placements. This process includes contractor follow-up surveys, ongoing engagement with placed contractors, active client management as well as contractor support, and clear and targeted solicitation of feedback meant to increase retention and long-term success with a placement. This process has helped Verum Technical succeed time and again with a wide variety of clients. It’s critical to us that our client receive the support they need and all our contractors have the high quality of work they demand paired with the flexibility that clients need for long-term success.

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