Companies in the scientific industry often have a hard time finding the talent they need. There’s a war for talent on these days. The best employees in the industry know their skills are highly sought-after. But in order to make a strong, long-term hire, it’s important to know what kind of chemist you’re looking for. To do that you must create a clear job description and consider all your options. Here are four tips to help you find and hire the right chemist for the job, and avoid making a costly hiring mistake.

  1. Know what kind of chemist you are looking for

There are several kinds of chemists, and each one has their area of expertise and specialization. Without knowing which one is right for your team, you risk inviting unqualified candidates to respond to your job description, and even making the wrong choice in the end. Chemists have a range of duties and the breadth of knowledge for each varies by their role, their education, training, and even their industry. Even identifying the ingredients in your products could be a toss-up between a fragrance chemist, toxicologist or cosmetic chemist, if you don’t know the difference. So, it’s critical to know what you need before you even start looking.

  1. Create clarity with a stellar job description

Hiring the right person for the job requires more than luck, it takes planning. Your job description is a huge part of your hiring success. Once you know who you are looking for, the job description is what ensures a job seeker can identify your position as right for them as well. Use the right keywords for searchability and detail the responsibilities of the job in a way that attracts the right people to apply. Consider your team, and what the right fit would be in role. Think about the job from their perspective and what they would be looking for in their next job to attract the right candidates.

  1. Post your job in the right places

While big job boards are great for most jobs, they probably aren’t for your chemist position. Find a niche job board that caters to the exact employee you’re looking for, for a better chance at reaching the right people. They are likely tired of digging through the generalist job boards and have moved on to more targeted listings. Make sure you are reaching your audience where they are spending their time searching for jobs. Often it is all about being in the right place at the right time.

  1. Consider your options

While it might seem obvious that you want to hire a full-time, permanent chemist, ask yourself whether that’s really necessary. Today, there are thousands of employees working as freelancers and consultants who make wonderful options for your short-term needs. You may also consider local universities or programs that are training the chemists of tomorrow. Maybe an intern or a part-time student would be the right fit. Know there are many options available to employers willing to look outside the box.

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