This November, Verum Technical is pleased to announce our acquisition by the data information firm Conflux Systems. While this brings many changes to the internal processes and leadership of Verum Technical, it will not change our name, nor our excellent service. Verum Technical will remain Verum Technical, providing the same top-tier staffing in engineering, regulatory affairs, IT, skilled labor, and scientific roles.

Who is Conflux?

Conflux Systems is a business intelligence and analytics provider with a unique and industry-defining process for consulting, offshore development, and staff augmentation. Founded in 2007, the company started small, with a tight focus on IBM Cognos and MSBI Consulting. Since then, their popularity has exploded, and their services have expanded accordingly. Today, Conflux provides some of the best and most talented on-demand experts in the industry across most verticals.

The unique business model used by Conflux hires top-tier experts with proficient fluency in over 20 of the foremost technologies and software suites. At any given time, Conflux will have over one hundred IT specialists ready to work on any project your business can imagine. These experts are paid regardless of whether or not they’re on contract, ensuring that they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the U.S.

Conflux Systems has existing partnerships with leading firms worldwide, including UPS, Siemens, CVHS, Kaiser Permanente, Cox, and New York Life, and is trusted for use by organizations such as Siemens, Walmart, and Nike.

Conflux also provides industry-leading business insights and talent profiles to ensure that your organization is able to pick the best possible people for the job, no matter what the job may be.

How Does This Affect Verum Technical?

Conflux will be keeping Verum Technical as a stand-alone entity. Verum Technical brings many advantages to the table, and we have decided that we work best operating as we always have. Acquisition by Conflux brings three key advantages to the table.

  • Verum Technical will have improved access to better business analytics and data awareness, which allows us to provide even better alignment between business and employee for the best possible fit when you hire.
  • It provides Conflux with another source of first-hand data and a new roster of IT specialists and other professionals to draw from for their own assignments. Candidates looking for work through Verum Technical has additional opportunities through Conflux.
  • Additional stability and a brighter future for partners of Conflux and Verum Technical. Our two great companies are combining forces to provide the best possible services to both businesses and employees in IT and related industries.

Verum Technical will not be changing the services, support, or relationships you’ve come to rely on. Rather, Conflux is expanding our capabilities and taking what you already love about Verum Technical’s high-class recruiting and staffing solutions to the next level.

Welcoming the Conflux Partnership

If you’re looking for outstanding talent in IT, consider Verum Technical (a Conflux Systems company), you’re gaining the benefits of Conflux’s high-end business insights and analytics. This data is used to provide the best employees possible, to ensure higher rates of retention, better skill matching, and more. If you’re a business working with Conflux, you gain access to a greater pool of skilled employees in additional industries.

Regardless of where you are in the spectrum of relationships with either Verum Technical or Conflux Systems, you stand to benefit from this acquisition. Verum Technical will remain Verum Technical, operating in the same way we always have, providing the best possible relationship between candidates and the companies that hire them. We look forward to a bright new future under the banner of Conflux Systems!