Raj is one of the most experienced recruiters in the IT industry. He earned his expertise and unique industry insight over his many years as an IT manager and running various IT Consulting organizations.

Raj brings a skillfulness and passion for spearheading successful business solutions, which he’s done over the years for several Fortune 500 clients ranging from IT, business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics solutions. Our clients rely on Raj for strategic direction on major IT business initiatives and developing and managing business plans for highly complex projects.

Over the years, Raj has built success from his unique ability to forge key partnerships at all business levels, leveraging his strong foundation in both technology and business strategy to ensure project success and continued best practices for client organizations. He has an uncommonly proactive leadership style that’s been key for helping clients build continued organizational growth, revenue generation, and staff development.

Whatever you’re business needs, Raj can help you build anything from application & software development to business intelligence solutions and enterprise data warehouse management. To learn more about Raj, Verum and Conflux’s capabilities, and how we can transform your business, contact Verum today.