Wendy and her team are more than just a service provider, they are an extension of our team at SurModics. They take the time to understand our culture and develop a relationship of trust with our HR team and hiring managers. As a small organization, to be able to have the high level of confidence that we have in VERUM Staffing is invaluable.

Courtney Hausladen, Senior Human Resource Manager, Surmodics

Verum Staffing was awesome to work with and helpful throughout the whole process. They took time to know you, your career, and meet you in person. Pa Kou, who reached out to me, was patient with my scheduling and prompt with her communication. She helped me through every step of the application and gave me valuable advice for the interviews, which helped me land the job.

Yi Hua Huang

Wendy Benning Swanson and her staff have created a scientific staffing firm that provides quality candidates and great service. They took the time to understand how we operate and the culture of our company. I would recommend VERUM Technical to anyone who needs not only a competent and ethical staffing firm, but a true business partner.

Shauna Paul, Director of Corporate Development

To you and the whole crew at Verum I want you to know this was the best experience by far that I have ever had with any staffing service. Some have been good some have been very poor most just average as I have used numerous staffing companies in the last two years. Again I want to make clear that your service has been not just better but an extremely rewarding step above my past experiences. Thanks so much.

Mark Frank